Empowering Our Children One Class At A Time!


The Sunday School Program is one of Masjid Al-Islam's greatest facet. The school runs from September through June, with the objective of instilling Islamic faith within the younger community. To this end, a dedicated team of volunteer teachers run the program.

Attendance tends to increase every year, so please consider volunteering. Your help will be most welcome. Feedback and suggestions are also important to us. If you wish to enroll your child in our school please fill out the form below.

Children will be provided with friendship, snacks, and lessons on Islamic Studies, Memorization, and Quran Reading. The school promotes an environment of growth, acceptance, and self-development.

Tuition is used to cover fees of textbooks, snacks, school supplies, guard expenses, etc.

First Child: $225.00
Second Child: $175.00
Third & Fourth Child: $150.00.

Families in need of financial assistance are encouraged to speak to administration. Confidentiality of such conversation will be maintained.