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Special Needs
  • Masjid Al Islam is an all inclusive Masjid, in the process of receiving MUHSEN certification. MUHSEN is a non-profit organization created with the objective of augmenting knowledge of disabilities in our community, and allowing those with disabilities to have equal opportunity. The Messenger of Allah SWT said "The masjid is a home for every believer. If you or someone you care for has a physical or intellectual disability, please fill out this needs assessment form. It is our goal to empower each and every one of our congregrants. Please feel free to discuss any concerns.

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Masjid al islam ri
  • The doors of Masjid Al Islam are always open, most especially when it comes to hearing feedback, or involving community members in our services. If you wish to volunteer for us, and raise your value in the sight of Allah SWT, please fill out our volunteer form and we will reach out to you. JazakAllah Khair (May Allah SWT reward you with goodness)

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