Promoting a comprehensive Islamic way of life based on the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad.

About Majid al islam ri

Programs offered at Masjid Al-Islam

1. Morning Hadith lesson (After Fajr Prayer)
2.Evening Hadith lesson (After Isha Prayer)
3. Evening Quran and islamic studies class
4.Hifz Al Quran (Quran memorization) class 8 AM - 2 PM
5. Congregational Prayers
1. Tafsir al Qur'an session (Tuesday evening)
2. Hadith of the Prophet session (Friday evening)
3. Sisters only Halaqah (Wednesday evening)
4. Islamic learning class (Saturday afternoon)
5.Dawah round and Bayan for brothers (Wednesday evening)
6. Sunday Islamic school (10:30- 1 pm)
1. Community dinner+ socialization+ visiting speaker (First Friday of each month)
2. Youth activities (outdoor, indoor)
3. Interfaith programs and participation
1. Taraweeh prayers during the month of Ramadhan
2. Iftar meals during the holy month of Ramadhan
3. Umrah trip to the Holy Cities of Makkah and Madina
4. Hajj journey